Yemen FM: UN envoy did not present anything new

11/08/2017 (Al Arabya News – UAE): The Yemeni Foreign Minister, Abdalmalek Al-Makhlafi, said that UN envoy Ismaeel Ould Al-Shaikh Ahmed had not presented any new developments in his meeting with President Abdellabu Mansour Hadi. He added in his comments to Al Arabiya that the UN envoy did not report any willingness from The Houthis to respond to any initiative. He accused, also, the Houthi militias of exploiting the suffering of Yemenis to divert attention from their abuses. Previously, UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed hinted at the possibility of holding talks between Yemen’s warring parties in Oman without giving a specific date…


Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to hold talks in Manama over Qatar row

Sameh Shoukry29/07/2017 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry is to fly to Bahrain on Saturday to take part in a two-day meeting discussing the ongoing Qatar row with his counterparts from the three other Arab states boycotting the small Gulf country, the foreign ministry said. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE severed diplomatic and transport links with Doha on 5 June, accusing the oil-rich state of supporting terrorism and meddling in their internal affairs, in the region’s worst diplomatic dispute in years. The quartet demand that Doha comply with six principles including commitment to combating terrorism and ending acts of incitement and interference in the internal affairs of other Arab countries. The demands were announced during a Cairo meeting earlier this month between the foreign ministries of the four Arab states…,-Saudi-Arabia,-the-UAE-and-Bahrain-to-hold-t.aspx


Egypt’s Sisi, Palestine’s Abbas discuss latest efforts to revive Palestinian-Israeli peace talks

Egypt09/07/2017 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi discussed on Sunday in Cairo with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas the latest efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, state news agency MENA reported. Sisi stressed during the meeting Egypt’s “unwavering commitment to finding a fair and comprehensive solution that would guarantee the rights of Palestinians to having their own independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”He also reiterated that the Palestinian issue is a top priority for Egypt, and that reaching a permanent solution is crucial for restoring security and stability in the Middle East and establishing economic development and progress in the region…,-Palestine%E2%80%99s-Abbas-discuss-latest-eff.aspx


Erdogan, Trump talk amid dispute over arms to Kurd fighters

30/06/2017 (Arab News – KSA): ANKARA, Turkey: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke with US President Donald Trump amid tensions over Washington’s decision to arm Syrian Kurdish forces fighting the Daesh group, a Turkish official said Friday. Mahir Unal, a spokesman for Erdogan’s ruling party, said the two leaders spoke by phone but did not provide details on their discussions. He told reporters, however, that the Turkish leader later also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Turkey considers the US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia group — the People’s Protection Units, or YPG — to be terrorists linked to outlawed Kurdish insurgents in its country. The YPG is the largest group within the Syrian Democratic Forces battling to oust IS from its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa…


Saudi foreign minister says Saudi, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain working on list of Qatar ‘grievances’

Adel al-Jubeir17/06/2017 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Friday that his country, Egypt and two other Arab states that broke ties with Doha were drawing up a list of “grievances,” and would present them soon, warning that Qatar could not fund extremism and remain on good terms with neighboring states. The minister, Adel al-Jubeir, told journalists in London that Qatar should respond to demands to halt its support for “extremism and terrorism” which, he said, were being made by the whole world and not just Gulf states. Four Arab states – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt – severed diplomatic relations with Qatar on June 5, accusing it of supporting Islamist militants and Iran – charges that Doha has denied. The UAE has also decided to blacklist Qatari individuals and entities…,-Egypt,-UAE-and-.aspx


Qatari individuals, entities listed as terror supporters in joint Saudi, Egyptian UAE and Bahraini statement

09/06/2017 (Arab News – KSA): JEDDAH: Fifty-nine Individuals, including members of the Qatari royal family and controversial Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf Qaradawi, as well as 12 Qatari entities have been listed on a new terror list announced in a Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini and Egyptian joint-statement.  According to the statement — which was carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) — the list comes as a result of “the continuous and ongoing violations of the authorities in Doha of Qatar’s commitments and obligations, enshrined in agreements to which it is a signatory, have necessitated The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain to act to update their respective lists of designated terrorist organizations and individuals”…

Trump will not move US embassy to Jerusalem for now

03/06/2017 (The Jordan Times – Jordan): President Donald Trump postponed moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem on Thursday, avoiding what would be a provocative decision as he tries to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. On the campaign trail Trump repeatedly pledged that he would shift the embassy from Tel Aviv to the city claimed as capital by both Israel and its Palestinian neighbours, and he appointed a US ambassador who shares this goal. But since coming to office in January, Trump has met both Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Washington and in a visit to the region last week and has committed himself to seeking a long-elusive final peace deal between them. Congress passed a law in 1995 making it US policy to move the embassy to Jerusalem, symbolically endorsing Israel’s claim on the city as its capital. But the law contained a clause that has allowed each president since to issue and renew a six-month waiver on carrying out the move. On Thursday, the waiver came up for renewal for the first time on Trump’s watch, and he followed the example of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama before him in instructing his secretary of state to hold off on the move…


Qatar’s Emir Tamim calls Iran’s President Rouhani seeking ‘deepening of ties’

28/05/2017 (Al Arabiya news – UAE): In a phone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and that was initiated by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani described the ties between both countries as historic and firm, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency. He added “we are willing to strengthen these relations”. From his part, Rouhani stressed that “there are ample grounds and potentials for developing Iran-Qatar cooperation in political and economic fields and we should make the best use of them to promote relations”. Sheikh Tamim also said: “We believe that there is no obstacle on the way of deepening Iran-Qatar relations”. Al-Thani’s recent controversial statements, which Doha tried to refute by saying the statements were published by hackers on Qatar News Agency (QNA)’s website, have raised questions in recent days…


Egypt’s Sisi arrives in Saudi Arabia, to give speech on counterterrorism at Riyadh summit Sunday

Sisi 20/05/2017 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi arrived in Saudi capital Riyadh Saturday on a two-day visit to participate in the Arab Islamic American Summit with US President Donald Trump Sunday. Trump landed Saturday in Riyadh in his first foreign tour to the Middle East and Europe. He is also scheduled to travel to Israel and the Vatican. The US president described the summit earlier as “a truly historic gathering in Saudi Arabia with leaders from all across the Muslim world.” Sisi is set to deliver a speech on Sunday during the Riyadh summit, according to presidency spokesman Alaa Youssef. “The president will address the Egyptian vision towards framing a comprehensive strategy to fight the danger of terrorism, through intensifying international efforts aimed at suspending financing for terrorist organisations, [preventing them gaining] weapons and fighters, and [denying them] shelter,” the spokesman added.,-to-give-speec.aspx


Turnout is key for Iran’s election, a challenge for Rouhani

13/05/2017 (Arab News – KSA): TEHRAN: Iran’s presidential election may turn on turnout. Historically, the more Iranians who cast ballots, the greater the chance a reformist or a moderate like incumbent President Hassan Rouhani will be elected. However, Rouhani’s bid for another four-year term comes amid apathy and grumbling from an electorate that largely hasn’t seen the benefits of his signature nuclear deal with world powers. As his opponents promise populist cash handouts to the poor, Rouhani needs all the voters he can to cast ballots on May 19. But even some of his supporters say they may stay home. “I will not vote,” said Hossein Ghasemi, a 35-year-old taxi driver who voted for Rouhani in 2013. “None of them care about our demands and difficulties linked to daily increasing prices.”..