World Hijab Day encourages women to voice their choic

World Hijab Day encourages women to voice their choice26/12/2018 (Anadolu Agency- Turkey): World Hijab Day is all set to launch its 2019 campaign on Wednesday, aiming to encourage women to “voice their choice” of wearing the hijab, according to the founder of the annual event. “#FreeInHijab is the much needed hashtag for our current global situation where women in hijab are labeled by media as oppressed and symbolically imprisoned,” Nazma Khan told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview ahead of the campaign launch. “Through this hashtag, women are encouraged to voice their choice of wearing the hijab; thus dispelling common misconceptions,” Khan added. World Hijab Day, created in 2013 to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear the hijab in support of Muslim women. It is celebrated worldwide every year on Feb. 1. In 2017, World Hijab Day became a nonprofit organization, with a mission to fight discrimination against Muslim women through awareness and education, according to its official webpage…


Seven new tomb discoveries in Saqqara: Egypt’s minister of Antiquities

Egypt10/11/2018 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany announced on Saturday a new discovery made by an Egyptian archaeological mission during excavation work carried out since April at the area located on the stony edge of King Userkaf pyramid complex in the Saqqara Necropolis. Cairo governor Ahmed Rashid attended the announcement, along with members of parliament and 30 ambassadors from all over the globe to highlight the role that antiquities play in promoting the country and its unique heritage. El-Enany explained that the mission uncovered three plain New Kingdom tombs that had been used during the Late Period as a cat necropolis, along with four other Old Kingdom tombs, the most important of which belongs to Khufu-Imhat, the overseer of the buildings in the royal palace.


Scientific team with Greek expert decodes Bronze Age bubonic plague genome

skeleton-grave-plague10/06/2018 (Ekathimerini – Greece): An international team of researchers headed by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, with Greek archaeogenticist Maria A. Spyrou, has decoded two 3,800-year-old genomes that suggest a Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague. The team analyzed a strain of the bacterium Yersinia pestis that was recovered from the remains of two plague victims found in a double burial site in the Samara region of Russia. Their study, which was published last week in the Nature Communications journal, shows that this strain “is the oldest sequenced to date that contains the virulence factors considered characteristic of the bubonic plague, and is ancestral to the strains that caused the Justinian Plague, the Black Death and the 19th century plague epidemics in China,” according to an announcement from the Max Planck Institute…


Lebanese film Capharnaum makes history with Cannes Jury Prize win

labaki20/05/2018 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Lebanese director Nadine Labaki won the jury prize for her film Capharnaum at the Cannes Film Festival, to become the first Arab filmmaker in 12 years to win in the official Cannes competition. Capharnaum was also notably one of just three films directed by women competing for the Palme d’Or. The film reportedly earned her a standing ovation that lasted 15 minutes when it screened at the festival on 17 May, with many viewers on Twitter expecting it could win the Palme d’Or. The politically-charged story follows a 12-year-old boy who is suing his parents for giving him life. A Lebanese actress, screenwriter and director Nadine Labaki graduated from Beirut University majoring in audiovisual studies…–Culture/Film/Lebanese-film-Capharnaum-makes-history-with-Cannes.aspx


Over 60 pct Syrian children attend school in Turkey

Over 60 pct Syrian children attend school in Turkey29/04/2018 (Anadolu Agency – Turkey): More than 60 percent Syrian children in Turkey are attending school, an education ministry official said on Sunday. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Nezir Gul, director general of Lifelong Learning in the National Education Ministry said: “We have been able to send 62 percent of 975,000 school-aged Syrian children to school. This figure was around 20-30 percent earlier.” There are approximately 3.5 million Syrians in Turkey, who have fled civil war in their country. “We’ve taken every kind of measure to prevent Syrian children from missing out on their right to education,” Gul said. “Our goal is to send all school-aged [Syrian] children to school, following what our president [Recep Tayyip Erdogan] says.” The official said they wanted to make all Syrian children receive education in schools instead of temporary education centers…


Graphic Design Days in Istanbul

Graphic Design Days in Istanbul07/04/2018 (Hurriyet – Turkey): The Grafist 22: Istanbul Graphic Design Days, organized by the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s graphic design department, will take place from April 11 to May 11 at the university’s campus in the Fındıklı neighborhood of Istanbul. The event aims to bring together graphic designers and students during seminars, workshops and exhibitions and to provide an opportunity for them to exchange ideas. This year the workshops and seminars will be given by Pınar Akkurt, William Easton, Jan Boelen, Björn Kusoffsky, Johanna Siebein – Binger Lauke Sieben and Ruben Pater. Two exhibitions, titled “Starting from Zero” and “Variable Constants: Multilayered Archive Exhibition,” will also be open as part of the event…


With ‘Togetherless,’ a master of abstract art arrives in Istanbul

Bernard Frize, “Melia-sept,” acrylic and resin on canvas, 2017.23/03/2018 (Sabah – Turkey): Bernard Frize lives in Paris and Berlin, and his first show in Istanbul is a cause for celebration. Born in 1949, Frize is one of the most original artists of our time. His colors and compositions challenge orthodoxies and there is much delight in spending an afternoon in a gallery filled with the master’s paintings. Curators at Dirimart have titled Frize’s Istanbul exhibition “Togetherless,” and during an exceptionally warm March day last week it felt the exhibition had arrived in the city just at the right time. Frize studied at the School of Fine Arts in Montpellier and began his artistic career in the 1970s. Defined largely by his interest in geometric shapes and acrylic colors, his works remained constantly radical in the world of abstract art…


Photos: ‘Life after Death’ exhibition to be held at Egyptian Museum

17/03/2018 (Egypt Indipendent – Egypt): Minister of Antiquities Khaled Al-Anany, accompanied by Belgian Ambassador to Cairo Sibille de Cartier d’Yves and German Ambassador to Cairo Julius Georg Luy, witnessed on Thursday the opening of the exhibition “Life After Death: the Middle Country in Deir Al-Barsha” in the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir square, according to the Ministry of Antiquities Facebook page. The exhibition comes as part of the collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the Flemish Institute in Cairo, the Belgian Catholic University of Louvain and German Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the archaeological discoveries in the area of Deir Al-Barsha…


Draft law proposes jailing husbands who remarry without telling first wife

10/03/2018 (Egypt Indipendent – Egypt): A new law draft will soon face the legislative body of parliament, calling for jailing husbands who remarry without telling their first wives for six months. The law was submitted by MP Abla Hawary and has stirred debate between Islamic scholars and women’s rights advocates. Hawary told Egypt Independent she considered the law to be necessary, “we are fighting polygamy at its core. Even if it is permitted by Islam, we should at least try and moderate it.” Hawary said the law should not come as a surprise as it protects the most basic rights of women, “a wife has the right to know,” she said. “To begin with, Maazouns [Islamic clerics], cannot remarry a husband unless he [informs] his first wife. However, now we are trying to fight the problem at its core.”..


Saudi Arabia to establish 233 centers to host children of working women

04/03/2018 (Arab News – KSA): DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development and Human Resources Development Fund Khaled Aba Al-Khail explained that the program to support children’s advocacy “Qurrah” has been adopted so far 233 child-care centers in the Kingdom, according to Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya. Aba Al Khail invited Saudi women working in the private sector to enroll in the program by selecting one of the approved centers on the program’s website. The program, which was recently launched by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund, aims to contribute to the goals of the National Transition Program in supporting working women and helping them overcome the challenges they face…