Saudi female officers to attend to women involved in road accidents

21/10/2017 (Arab News – KSA): RIYADH: Arrangements are being made by the General Traffic Department to deploy women officials to attend to Saudi women drivers involved in road accidents. The arrangements are being made in view of the recent royal order issued by King Salman on issuing driving licenses to men and women alike. In a statement to Arab News, Najm for Insurance Services Co. announced its readiness to support the implementation of the royal decree by initiating a customized program that highlights the role of Saudi women in managing traffic accidents. As per the directions of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), the General Traffic Department and Najm will develop a process of accommodating and serving Saudi females involved in road accidents and helping them finalize the required legal procedures…



Woman named to head sports federation in Saudi first

14/10/2017 (Arab News – KSA): RIYADH: A princess has been named to head a Saudi multi-sports federation, in a first for women in the conservative Muslim kingdom where men dominate all sports, an official said Saturday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan has become “the first woman to lead a federation” covering sporting activities for men and women. In August 2016, the princess scored another first for women in Saudi Arabia when she was named by the cabinet to a senior post in the Kingdom’s equivalent of a sports ministry…


Matrakci Nasuh exhibition has US debut in Maryland

Matrakci Nasuh exhibition has US debut in Maryland07/10/2017 (Anadolu Agency – Turkey): An exhibition titled “16th Century Genius Matrakci Nasuh” opened for the first time in the U.S. on Friday. The project was designed by the Istanbul Intercultural Art Dialogues Association (İKASD) and carried out under the auspices of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The exhibition is currently at the museum in the Diyanet Center of America’s complex in Maryland. It is being hosted by the Washington Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and Religious Affairs Administration. Attending the opening ceremony, Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. Serdar Kilic praised the exhibition…


Saudi society welcomes new law criminalizing sexual harassment

30/09/2017 (Arab News – KSA): JEDDAH: A new anti-harassment law has won praise from across Saudi Arabia after King Salman ordered the interior minister to criminalize sexual harassment. The government has prepared a draft anti-harassment law to be implemented in 60 days, with jail terms and flogging being considered as possible penalties. The move comes just days after a royal decree lifted the driving ban on women. The latest royal decree stated that sexual harassment posed a great threat to women and families, and was “in contradiction of Islamic principles.” The decree read: “Considering the dangers sexual harassment poses and its negative impact on the individual, the family and society along with its contradiction of Islamic principles, our customs and traditions … the ministry shall prepare a draft law to tackle sexual harassment.”..


Studio-X exhibits drones, autonomous vehicles

“Where the City Can’t See” is the second film in the exhibition.23/09/2017 (Sabah – Turkey): Liam Young is an Australian architect and filmmaker. His work explores the connection points of fiction, design and the future. In March this year, he had his first U.S. solo exhibition at Columbia University’s Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery in New York. Less than five months later, that exhibition has arrived at Studio-X on Istanbul’s Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi, the quarters of the old Ottoman parliament. The speed with which the exhibition traveled from one continent to another may remind some of drones – those curious technological additions to our daily lives are among the subjects of Young’s show, “New Romance: Love Stories From the Machine.”..

Kuwaiti team discovers Arabic manuscripts in Greece’s Mount Athos

16/09/2017 (Gulf News – Bahrain):  Kuwait University (KU) team discovered rare manuscripts written in Arabic at Mount Athos in Greece. The archaeological mission, which included history Professors Dr Abdulhadi Al Ajmi and Dr Mohammad Al Marzouqi, visited monasteries and libraries in northern Greece. They were able to unearth these documents at the historic mountain, which represented around 1,800 years of Christian history. Dr Al Ajmi said that the discovery at Mount Athos, an ancient sacred place chosen as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in 1988, was crucial to understand the history of Arabs and Muslims in the region…


Amun-Re goldsmith tomb uncovered in Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s west bank

Egypt09/09/2017 (Ahram Online – Egypt): In a gala ceremony held in Draa Abul-Naga necropolis on Luxor’s West Bank on Saturday, Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany announced the discovery of an 18th Dynasty tomb of god Amun-Re’s goldsmith, Amenemhat (Kampp 390), and a Middle Kingdom burial shaft for a family. Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr attended the ceremony as well as members of parliament, the Greek and Cypriot ambassadors to Egypt, as well as China’s cultural attaché and the Swiss head of mission. The discovery was made by an Egyptian archaeological mission led by Mostafa Waziri. The newly discovered tomb includes of an entrance located in the courtyard of another Middle Kingdom tomb, Kampp 150. The entrance leads to a squared chamber where a niche with a duo statue depicting the tomb owner and his wife is found on one end. The statue shows Amenemhat sitting on a high backed chair beside his wife who wears a long dress and wig…



Egypt returns stolen currency artefacts to Iraq, China

iraq28/08/2017 (Al Ahram Online – Egypt): Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany, handed over a collection of authentic coins, currencies, and bonds to Iraqi Ambassador Habib Mohamed Hadi Al-Sadr and to Chinese Ambassador Song Aiguo in a formal ceremony at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square on Sunday. The returned artefacts had been seized before they could be successfully smuggled out of the country. “The artefacts were handed over in accordance with the UNESCO agreement which Egypt joined in 1972, and in accordance with bilateral collaboration agreements which obligate Egypt to seize foreign antiquities if they are smuggled through its territories, and to show them to the relevant embassy in order to check whether they are on their heritage list in attempt to guarantee the protection of their cultural properties,” Ahmed El-Rawi, who runs the ministry’s unit which oversees antiquities inspections at ports, told Ahram Online…,-C.aspx


Archaeologists searching for ‘chamber of secrets’ in Khufu Pyramid

11/08/2017 (Egypt Indipendent – Egypt): Archaeologists claim they could be “very close” to locating a secret cavity located within the Great Pyramid of Giza, AFP reported earlier this month. A team of scientists have been working to identify the location of a hidden chamber buried within the ancient wonder of the world, adding that the existence of the space was first detected last October using non-invasive technology to study the 4,500-year-old monument.“All the devices we put in place are designed to find where the cavity is located. We know there is one, but we’re trying to find out where,” Mehdi Tayoubi, president of France’s Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute told AFP. Researchers have turned to cutting-edge technology to locate the mysterious cavity – including 3D reconstruction, infrared thermography and a technique called muography, which records particles known as muons to create images…


Met Museum goes against Islamaphobia with chats

29/07/2017 (Hurriyet – Turkey): The world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York explains Islamic art to its visitors in an attempt to establish an intercultural bridge against the rise of Islamophobia in the country. Following United States President Donald Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries to the U.S., a 10-minute free gallery chats program is organized every Friday in order to promote Islamic and Near Eastern art to the U.S. people. The program receives great attention, according to the officials. After Trump’s order for travel ban. Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, the Turkish curator of the Islamic art section at the Metropolitan Museum, Deniz Beyazıt, said even though they planned the program in the past, they carried it into effect after Trump’s order for the travel ban…–islamaphobia-with-chats.aspx?pageID=238&nID=115946&NewsCatID=385