Why Arabs’ relationship with the US is complicated

23/09/2017 (Arab News – KSA by Mohammed Nosseir*)“It’s complicated” is probably the best definition of the relationship between the US and the Arab world. Most Arab governments have a solid and evolving relationship with America, yet the country is often extremely unpopular among Arabs. Ironically, there are always long queues at US consulates all over the Arab world, and millions of Arabs dream of obtaining a green card or entry visa to America. As a global superpower, the US defines and shapes its relationship with Arab nations. Arab leaders could play a more constructive role in influencing the relationship by using their limited leverage. But they prefer to adopt a passive stance that serves our short-term needs rather than our long-term interests. During their visits to the US, Arab leaders try to meet with as many decision-makers and influencers as possible, hoping to serve immediate national interests rather than promoting Arab regional needs…


*Mohammed Nosseir, a liberal politician from Egypt, is a strong advocate of political participation and economic freedom.




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