Western silence over the threat to Al Jazeera is just shameful

Al Jazeera30/06/2017 (Gulf Times – Qatar): Imagine the rage if the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, demanded that Theresa May should close down the BBC as part of the Brexit deal. Well, of course it’s not remotely conceivable: that isn’t how modern democratic states do business. But it’s the way some Arab states are now behaving. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, together with Bahrain and the UAE, have put a stranglehold on the odd-man-out in the Gulf, Qatar; and one condition for lifting it is that Qatar should shut down Al Jazeera, the internationally respected TV news channel which it funds. Within 10 days. I seem to have missed the huge wave of anger about this. President Trump, who is doing various deals with the Saudis, hasn’t tweeted anything. Theresa May, in her desperate effort to find new markets for Britain, can’t afford to upset them. Everyone else seems to be looking away…






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