Assad still has massive chemical weapons stockpile: former Syrian chemical warfare head

A Syrian child receives treatment after an alleged chemical attack at a field hospital in Saraqib, Idlib province, northern Syria, 04 April 2017. (EPA Photo)15/04/2017 (Sabah – Turkey): Syria’s Assad regime still has hundreds of tons of lethal chemical weapons, according to Syria’s former head of chemical warfare Zaher al-Sakat. Al-Sakat, who defected the Syrian military in 2013, told the British daily The Telegraph that the Assad regime did not declare that it possesses chemicals including sarin in large quantities. The former general said that Assad faked handing over its chemical arsenal as part of a deal in 2014 between the UN, U.S., Russia and the regime. “The regime turned over 1,300 tons, but in reality, it possesses twice that amount,” al-Sakat said, emphasizing that the total amount was at least 2,000 tons, including hundreds of tons of sarin gas. The chemicals were stored in mountains outside Homs and Tartus, where the regime and Russians have their largest military base, according to al-Sakat…




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