I am Muslim and I am not angry.

Mamdouh AlMuhaini04/02/2017 (Al Arabiya – News by Mamdouh AlMuhani*): In 2011, a mosque that was going to be built in the Ground Zero area near the World Trade Center that witnessed the 9/11 attack, caused a huge controversy. Those who were against constructing it said that the location is inappropriate, while Muslims and their supporters conveyed a correct point of view, stating that they are not responsible for the actions of terrorists, even if the perpetrators were Muslims. This is a logical argument but the other side of the argument that will always be repeated and echoed was stated by the mosque’s imam, Sheikh Faysal Abdul Raouf, saying that the prevention of the construction will anger Muslims and mobilize them against the West. However, the reality is that a small number of Muslims was interested in this topic or has even heard of it. At the end, the center was built few miles from the controversial location and we have not heard Muslims objecting in the streets…


*Mamdouh AlMuhaini is the Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya News Channel’s digital platforms.



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