Egyptian film website Terrso launched to explore local cinema’s ‘third current’

terr.so04/02/2017 (Arham Online – Egypt): A new film website with a focus on independent Egyptian and Arab cinema was launched this week, targeting filmmakers and film aficionados alike. Terrso, which means third in Egyptian Arabic, is focused in particular on recent attempts by Egyptian filmmakers to break out of the binary of producing festival versus commercial films. Aiming to inspire as well as add to the already existing interaction and discussions, the platform targets film students, filmmakers and film buffs alike, providing them with a large content, from the old articles about cinema to new critical writings about contemporary independent cinema movement in Egypt. According to the new website, which launched on Thursday, the concept of “third” is linked to the cinemas whose audience comprised members of the working class, hence the idea of “third-class cinemas”, a phrase used in Egyptian Arabic to describe some cinemas used by less well-off audiences…–Culture/Film/Egyptian-film-website-Terrso-launched-to-explore-l.aspx




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