An open letter to a suicide bomber

23/12/2016 (Ahram Online by Azza Radwan Sedky*):You see, I can’t speak to those who died to tell them that they are in a better place. By the same token, I can’t comfort the father who held his fatally wounded infant child as he wept profusely. I can’t console the mother who leaned on the coffins of her two beautiful daughters unable to let go. I can’t say or do anything to relieve the pain of the families that lost one and two of their family members, sisters, mothers or daughters. What can I possibly tell these people? May your loved ones rest in peace? What does the phrase mean in the larger scheme of things? Absolutely nothing. The lives of those who died and their loved ones who remain alive have been crushed in a matter of seconds, and you caused this devastation. In case you don’t know, or maybe you do know, a house of worship is the holiest of all places. And to kill women and children worshippers is even more despicable than anything I have ever seen before. It does not get more heinous than this…

*Azza Radwan Sedky is an academic, political analyst, and author of Cairo Rewind: the First Two Years of Egypt’s Revolution, 2011-2013.




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