Aleppo: A prelude to a ‘Grand Bargain’?

18/12/2016 (Arab News – KSA by Raghida Dergham*): What will happen after the Battle of Aleppo? What has the battle done to the regional and international balance of power, in light of the collapse of all international humanitarian norms and laws? Russia made it clear from the outset that there was no choice but to win in Aleppo no matter the cost, including perpetrating war crimes. However, what will Russia do with its tainted victory? Has this “achievement” prepared Russia to negotiate with the US over a grand bargain? Or is this just one battle that has been won, and not the war, making this bargain still far from reach and portending more bloodletting in a fragmented Syria?..

*Raghida Dergham is columnist, senior diplomatic correspondent, and New York bureau chief for the London-based Al Hayat newspaper




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