Clinton or Trump – Better or Less Bad?

Amir Taheri04/11/2016 (Asharq Al Awsat – UK by Amir Thaeri*): Hillary Clinton or Donald trump, which one might be better for the Middle East? This is the question friends have been asking me for weeks. It is not easy to answer because it assumes that both candidates are good and that one could be better than the other. However, what if both candidates are bad in which case the question is: which one would be worse for the Middle East? Even then, finding an answer depends on what we think the two might do for America itself. For if the US is unable to put its own house in order it would not be able to do much good for anyone else. In its short history, with few evanescent periods, the US has always managed to synthesize ethnic, religious, ideological and racial diversity, and forge national consensus on key issues of domestic and foreign policies. That consensus no longer exists. In fact, with the exception of the decade spanning the Civil War, including pre- and post-bellum phases, the US today is more divided than at any other time…

*Amir Taheri was the executive editor-in-chief of the daily Kayhan in Iran from 1972 to 1979.

Opinion: Clinton or Trump – Better or Less Bad?




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