The arrests of journalists and other civilians

10/09/2016 (Hurriyet – Turkey by Melis Alphan*): When the state of emergency (OHAL) was declared, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğanhimself said it would “absolutely not be used as a practice against democracy, the law and freedoms. On the contrary, it aims to protect and strengthen these values.” There were warnings that in the chaos of the aftermath of the coup attempt, all opposition voices would be silenced during OHAL. But Erdoğan stressed that OHAL was a measure only to protect democracy and the rule of law. However, we see today that many people are accused, detained and arrested unlawfully. Under OHAL, the detention orders for 50 journalists have been issued. Added to those who were already in jail, there are currently more than 100 journalists in prison. Most of the journalists are accused of knowingly and willingly aiding terrorism. The evidence given for this is generally what they have shared on social media and the stories they have written. This is flimsy, to say the least…

*Melis Alphan is a journalist of Hurriyet




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