The rehabilitation of Iran after lifted sanctions

24/01/2016 (Al Arabiya News – UAE by Eyad Abu Shakra *):What is President Barack Obama leaving behind to his successor in the White House? Well, the situation in the Middle East looks a bit worrying after the lifting of international sanctions on Iran.Practically, the international community has rehabilitated Iran, shown trust in its leadership and political stances and overlooked all its international, regional and even domestic transgressions committed by a regime that practices its own brand of “democracy”. It is a regime whereby the government doesn’t govern, but is rather led by a “Supreme Guide” who guides, directs and commands in liaison with a militia named “The Revolutionary Guards”.However, one must not belittle the achievements of Iran’s “non-governing government”. Ever since Hassan Rowhani was elected president, a new set of realistic priorities emerged in Tehran, which is totally different from former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s strident dogmatism…

*Eyad Abu Shakra is Journalist at asharqalawsat newspaper




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