When will Arabs realize their dreams and aspirations?

Samar Fatany03/01/2016 (Al Arabiya News – UAE by Samar Fatany*): There was very little to celebrate in the Arab world last year. The raging wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya destroyed homes, displaced thousands and killed many more. Terrorism was rampant, the threat of extremism and sectarianism was prevalent and discrimination against women continued. The region will remain in chaos and there will be no peace if we do not begin to seriously put our house in order and begin to admit our failures and shortcomings. Let the new year’s resolution be to put an end to conflicts and empower Arab citizens to pursue peace and prosperity and a future of hope and not despair.The Arab youth today have lost faith in their elders and do not know where to turn. They remain vulnerable and that is why many are easy prey for ISIS and other terrorist organizations which provide them with false promises and hope for a better future…

* Samar Fatany is Chief Broadcaster in the English section at Jeddah Broadcasting Station





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