Iran ranks 14th in crude steel production in 2015: WSA

29/01/2016 (Teheran Times – Iran): TEHRAN- Iran was placed fourteenth among the other world’s steel producing countries in 2015, the World Steel Association (WSA) said in its latest report.   Iran produced 16.110 million tons of crude steel in 2015, a decrease of 1.4 percent compared to its crude steel output in 2014 which amounted to 16.331 million tons, the Fars news agency reported on Wednesday as quoting WSA’s annual report. The country’s crude steel output stood at 1.300 million tons in December 2015, showing 4.6 percent drop from 1.362 million tons in December 2014, according to the report.  World crude steel production for the 65 countries reporting to the WSA was 1622.8 million tons in 2015, indicating a 2.8 percent fall from 2014.  China, Japan, and India were the three biggest crude steel producers in 2015, with 803.8 million tons, 105.2 million tons, and 89.6 million tons of output, respectively…


The ‘lost generation’

28/01/2016 (The Jordan Times – Jordan by Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh*): By “lost generation” I am not referring to Gertrude Stein’s famous description of the generation that grew up during and after World War I in America and Europe. I am borrowing the term to describe the current, sad, state of our young people, in Jordan and the Arab world at large. I do not subscribe at all to the various stereotypes about Jordanian and Arab youth by members of previous generations, including mine, who think that “our” generation was better than “this” generation. We were tougher, they would tell you, more responsible, more constructive, more loyal to our heritage, more involved, etc. This is not true, and I only understand such sweeping statements as either part of a romantic nostalgia for the past, which is a universal human trend, or a result of viewing matters from a very narrow angle. All generations tend to be critical of their present, but when they grow older and become more attached to their past, they start glorifying their past and criticising the present of others.

Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh is Dean Faculty of Foreign Languages University of Jordan Amman – Jordan


King to patronize Janadriyah festival

file-29-3703104336629296.jpg29/01/2016 (Arab News – KSA): RIYADH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman will patronize the opening ceremony of Janadriyah 30, the famous national heritage and culture festival named after the village on the northern outskirts of Riyadh, where it is held annually to celebrate symbols of the Saudi identity.The national festival, organized by the Ministry of National Guard, and the accompanying grand camel race, will be opened on Feb. 3, announced Abdul Mohsen bin Abdul Aziz Al-Tuwaijri, deputy minister of the National Guard and deputy chairman of the festival’s supreme committee, at a press conference he addressed on behalf of National Guard Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah.The press conference was also attended by Michael Omacht, deputy chief of mission at the German Embassy. Germany is the guest of honor for the Feb. 3-21 festival.Speaking to Arab News Omacht said on Thursday: “It is a great honor for Germany to be the guest of honor country at the most outstanding cultural heritage festival in Saudi Arabia, which is recognition of the excellent state of our bilateral relations.”…


Jerusalem: The missing Muslim historical narrative

Jerusalem: The missing Muslim historical narrative 29/01/2016 (Anadolu Agency – Turkey): A dark archway and an old uninspiring plastic plaque are all that mark the entrance to the residence and mosque of Salahuddin Ayyubi, the iconic 12th century Muslim general who retook Jerusalem during the Crusades, then went on to rule the city. Inside are various nods to that history; his name inscribed below the words Allah and Muhammad on the mosque’s metal window grates, a hatch that guides to an old cistern and a green door, now locked, that leads to the top of the neighboring Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It was from those roofs of the holiest site in Christianity that Salahuddin used to observe Jerusalem’s Christian population, according to Imam Ahmad Shalhoub and other locals. Despite the historical significance of the Khanqah Salihiyya, as the mosque is known, it has few worshipers and rarely hosts visitors. The only other mosque in the city’s Christian quarter was built in honor of the early Caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab – Jerusalem’s first Muslim conqueror – who did not pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in respect for its importance to Christians…


Iran says it flew drone over U.S. aircraft carrier

29/01/2016 (Al Arabiya News – UAE): Iran flew a surveillance drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier and took “precise” photographs of it as part of an ongoing naval drill, state television reported Friday. The U.S. Navy said an unarmed Iranian drone flew near a French and American carrier on Jan. 12, but couldn’t confirm it was the same incident.The reported drone overflight comes after a series of naval incidents between Iran and the U.S. in the greater Persian Gulf, including test rocket fire by the Islamic Republic and its brief capture of American sailors who strayed into its territorial waters.The report by state television said the drone flight occurred on the third day of the naval exercise, suggesting it happened Friday. Later, its website and the semi-official Fars news agency, which is close to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, published footage it said was of the drone’s flight.The footage showed the drone launch and later hover above what appeared to be an aircraft carrier underway in a body of water. The footage zoomed into a row of fighter jets on the carrier’s deck. There were no identifying marks visible on the carrier…


Egypt’s President Sisi to meet Ethiopian PM, African leaders in Addis Ababa on sidelines of AU Summit

El-Sisi in Addis Ababa 29/01/2016 (Al Ahram Online – Egypt): Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday ahead of the 26th African Union Summit that will take place on Saturday and Sunday, where he will meet Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, according to Egypt’s ambassador to Ethiopia.El-Sisi will meet over 20 African leaders including the presidents of Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad, in addition to the executive director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on the sidelines of the summit, ambassador Abo Bakr Hanafy said on Thursday, according to MENA.The summit will focus on questions of government, elections and commitment to constitutional principles, as well as the financing of the African Union.Those two broad topics were decided upon in a closed session, attended by the presidents of African states ahead of the opening summit, MENA reported…,-Afric.aspx


Iranian publisher joins nominees for 2016 Bologna Prize

24/01/2016 (Teheran Times – Iran): TEHRAN – The Children’s Book Council of Iran has nominated the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in Iran (IRHCLI) for the 4th Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the year, the council announced in a press release on Saturday. Nominations for the prize are selected by the National Sections of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) in each country. The Children’s Book Council of Iran is the IBBY National Section in Iran. The winners will be chosen by the Italian Publishers’ Association and those publishing houses participating in the 53rd Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which will be held in Italian city from April 4 to 7. According to organizers, the prize is designed to highlight the editorial projects, professional skills and intellectual qualities of work produced by publishing houses all over the world…


Abu Dhabi maritime summit empowers Emirati youth leaders

24/01/2016 (Saudi Gazette – KSA): “Abu Dhabi Maritime Youth Summit for Empowering UAE Youth Leaders in the Maritime Domain” has successfully concluded last Thursday.The summit was hosted by “Tasneef Academy”, the Educational Arm of Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef”, in the St. Regis Hotel in Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi. The summit brought together a group of prominent international and national leaders in the shipping and maritime sector with UAE entrepreneurs and college students to review the career opportunities offered by this strategic sector in order to ensure the continuity of the UAE international achievements in the maritime field and the cross-border trade.Eng. Rashed AlHebsi, CEO of Tasneef, said: “We launched this summit on the sidelines of “The Abu Dhabi Summit of Global Marine and Maritime Leaders” to gather both leaders along with the young Emirati cadres who are willing to work in the maritime field as we are confident that they are able to achieve success internationally.”…

Abu Dhabi maritime summit empowers Emirati youth leaders


Houthi Leaders Killed by Coalition Forces in Saada

Julien Harneis, UNICEF's representative in Yemen24/01/2016 (Asharq Al Awsat – UK): Yemen- Yemeni Legitimacy forces, on Saturday, were capable of executing a swift military operation on Houthi militant headquarters in the Saada Governorate, which has resulted in the death of several of Houthi leaders while they were running militant operations against Saudi Arabian grounds and Yemeni governorates.Among those killed were leadership-associated relatives of the Houthi head Leader, Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, like Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi the son of the founder of the Houthi militant movement and one to lead the first insurgency in Saada in 2004, and Al Badr Hamid al Din al-Houthi, cousin of Abdul-Malikal-Houthi.On the other hand, informed sources revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat, the changes in the plan of clearing up regions adjacent to the Capital city of Sana’a, and clans’ efforts to join legitimate forces.Both North and East areas of Yemen are witnessing broad military operations by local legitimacy-supporting forces aiming to cleanse the rest of the zone of Houthi militias and militant insurgents belonging to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh…

Houthi Leaders Killed by Coalition Forces in Saada