Women, then and now

A portrait of Razia Sultana05/12/2015 (Sabah – Turkey): This month the Pirelli calendar for 2016 has been announced, and the photographs are not something we normally expect. Rather than naked or half naked models, we are presented with photographs of intellectual, strong and remarkable women. It should be of no surprise that such women have always existed. The problem is that we do not learn about them, rather allowing men to dominate the pages of history and culture. The Pirelli calendar is not something that usually interests me. I have seen it hanging on the walls of mechanics and I am aware that it is considered to be art by many. But, as I said, it is something that I tend to ignore. But this year, my all-female WhatsApp groups have all been sharing images from the upcoming Pirelli calendar. For once, it is not the men, but the women who are excited about the event.





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