Salvador Dali and his older brother at the Cairo Theatre

Dali02/09/2015 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Surrealist artist’s Salvador Dali’s artwork inspires, incites, and provokes strong reactions of wonder, awe, and sometimes shock. His personal life arouses as much interest as his surreal paintings and statues.Dali’s life is the focus of a new Egyptian performance by director Reda Hasaneen and choreographer Mohamed Fawzy. They entitled their piece “Dali…Lonely” as they chose to focus on one aspect of the artist’s personal life: his sense of loneliness.Researching Dali’s life and reading some of his diaries, Hasaneen found that the artist had a brother who died at a young age. When Dali was born he was given his late brother’s name—Salvador.This was the starting point for creating this performance, currently playing at the Floating Theatre by University Bridge in Cairo.The director assumed that the brother was an important part of the psyche of Salvador Dali, and carrying his name must have haunted the artist all his life.Hasaneen decided to have the dead brother be present on stage, sharing in everything the artist does, including sharing the same bed with his wife.–Culture/Stage–Street/Salvador-Dali-and-his-older-brother-at-the-Cairo-T.aspx




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