Turkey steps up fight against terrorism in Syria

10/07/2015 (Sabah – Turkey): Turkish officials have released data on Friday showing Turkey’s solemnity on fighting against terrorist organizations which have been on the rise lately in Syria.Recognizing the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) as a terrorist organization on 10 October 2013, according to statistical data from The Prime Ministry, Turkey has expelled over 1500 suspected ISIS members and barred over 15,000 people from 98 countries from entering Turkish soil to this day.Turkish security forces have been working meticulously on the matter of ISIS-affiliated incidents and suspects. Since January 2015 the number of individuals related to ISIS or in cooperation with the terrorist organization has risen to 500. In addition, on July 10 2015, 29 alleged ISIS members were arrested under the charge of “directing citizens of European countries seeking to join ISIS operations to Syria and Iraq”. The official data also shows that about a 100 individuals have also been convicted over terrorism charges by Turkish courts…





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