From the barracks to Egypt’s presidency: El-Sisi’s journey towards Itihadiya

El -Sisi04/06/2014 (Ahram Online – Egypt): Egypt’s Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) announced on Tuesday that former military chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is Egypt’s new president after winning a landslide victory in the presidential race which was held on 26-28 May. El-Sisi garnered a record of nearly 24 million votes – or almost 97 percent – while his sole contender, the leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi, collected 755,000 votes or 3 percent of the tally. In 2012, Mohamed Morsi got 13 million votes to become Egpt’s first president after Jan 25 revolution.  This resounding victory comes on the heels of two years full of twists and turns in the life of the general. Although El-Sisi had long been a leading member of the military’s highest circles, it wasn’t until about two years ago, in August 2012, that he began to gain broader public attention, when he was appointed defence minister by then-president Mohamed Morsi. At the time, many observers felt that Morsi had brought the army under his control once and for all by choosing El-Sisi, who was seen as a deeply religious general…




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