Fears of ‘low turnout’ pushes voting in Egypt until Wednesday

Egypt election 27/05/2014 (Ahram Online – Egypt): The Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) has extended voting in Egypt’s presidential poll until Wednesday. Government sources said pressure was put on the commission because of “the unexpectedly low turnout” which “could end up being lower than in the 2012 presidential election runoff.” The 2012 runoff was boycotted by many voters as it offered a choice between an Islamist, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister. Turnout reached 50 percent. There has also been discussions about allowing people to vote away from their registered polling stations. The commission member said the request was being reviewed but would be difficult to carry out. Any change in voting procedures could undermine the entire election and lead to legal challenges, he added. “The PEC has noticed that media bodies and others have been questioning its decision to prevent people voting away from their registered polling station [linked to the address registered on their ID] and insists the attacks are unfounded,” the commission said in a statement…




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