Istanbul’s Count Dracula and Turkey’s vampire renaissance

Giovanni Scognamillo is planning to open his second exhibition of vampire paintings in the Beyoğlu neighborhood of Istanbul this year03/05/2014 (Hurriyet – Turkey): From Nosferatu and Count Dracula to modern-day bloodsuckers in Twilight and Vampire Diaries the world-wide frenzy for the undead is insatiable. Now Turkey too is experiencing its own vampire renaissance – and AA met Istanbul’s own real-life vampire to find out more. Giovanni Scognamillo, 85, lives in house-cum-vampire museum in the ancient Beyoğlu neighborhood of Istanbul, complete with cloak and other undead paraphernalia. By day an artist and cinema-history writer, by night Scognamillo – with his long, tapered black nails – is a self-described ‘vampire’. Scognamillo has been writing and researching the legendary creatures for decades. Although common in other European folk tales, the undead traditionally do not feature much in Turkey: “Vampire stories in Turkey are mainly adapted from other languages,” he says…




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