Hatay’s museum new archaeology almost complete

The new museum covers an area of 50,000 square-meter with 11,700 square-meter display area. Mosaics have an area of 5,000 square-meter. DHA photos29/04/2014 (Hurriyet – Turkey): The construction of a new archaeology museum has been continuing since June 2011 in the southern province of Antakya. The Antakya Archaeology Museum will have the world’s largest mosaic display area. As works are set to finish in the coming months, most of the artwork from the former museum has been moved into the new one.  The museum, which covers an area of 50,000 m2, has 11,700 m2 display area and 5,000 m2 of it belongs to mosaics. The changes from 45,000 B.C. up until now will be on display in the museum. The museum is also home to the likes of Üçağız cave, Tell Tayinat and Aççana mounds. During a recent visit to the completed parts of the museum, a 1.5-meter-long statue of King Suppiluliuma, which had been found during excavations headed by Professor Timothy Harrison, drew great interest from guests. The king ruled Tell Tayinat in the 9th century B.C. and carries a spear and a spike in his hand. ..



Abdelmalek Sellal reappointed Prime Minister

image29/04/2014 (Ennahar – Algeria): Algiers- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika appointed Monday Abdelmalek Sellal Prime minister, replacing Youcef Yousfi, who covered interim, presidency of the Republic said in a statement. “Pursuant to provisions of article 77, 5th paragraph of the Constitution, his Excellency Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of the Republic, terminated duties of Youcef Yousfi as interim Prime minister,” the statement stated. “President Bouteflika appointed Abdelmalek Sellal prime minister,” the same source added…








Singapore industries keen to advance links with KSA

1398799498078844900.jpg29/04/2014 (Arab News – KSA): Lee Yi Shyan, Singapore’s senior minister of state for trade and industry and national development, will visit Saudi Arabia from May 5 to 7, said Abdullah Al- Meleihi,chairman of the Saudi-Singapore Business Council He said the visit highlights the depth of economic relations between the two countries. The trade volume between the two countries touches SR52 billion ($13.8 billion).  Last year, Saudi Arabia was Singapore’s second largest trading partner in the Middle East. Al-Meleihi said that Singapore aims to promote mutual cooperation in the field of security. In December 2012, he said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kingdom. He said Shyan will also visiting Riyadh as co-chair of the meeting of the Joint Committee for the Free Trade Agreement between the GCC and Singapore with Hamad Al-Bazie, deputy Saudi finance minister…



Car bombs kill at least 40 in Syria’s Homs

29/04/2014 (Al Arabiya News – UAE): Two car bombs exploded in a pro-government neighborhood in the central Syrian city of Homs Tuesday, killing at least 40 people, The Associated Press quoted state media and activists as saying. The attack in the Abbasiyeh neighborhood of Homs came just hours after one of the deadliest mortar strikes in the heart of the capital, Damascus, killed more than a dozen people, the agency quoted officials and activists as saying. SANA said at least 40 people were killed and another 116 wounded in the attack in Abbasiyeh – a predominantly Christian and Alawite area. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll from the double car bombing at 37, including five children. It said more than 80 were wounded. Such discrepancies in casualty figures are common in Syria in the immediate aftermath of attacks…



Almost 60 royal mummies discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings

mummy mask unearthed29/04/2014 (Al Ahram Online – Egypt): A cache of royal mummies has been unearthed inside a rock-hewn tomb in the Valley of the Kings on Luxor’s West Bank, Egypt’s antiquities ministry announced on Monday. The tomb contains almost 60 ancient Egyptian royal mummies from the 18th dynasty along with the remains of wooden sarcophagi and cartonnage mummy masks depicting the facial features of the deceased, Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online. Ibrahim explained that the excavation work was carried out in collaboration with Basel University in Switzerland. Early studies reveal that the Heratic texts engraved on some of the clay pots found inside the tomb identify the names and titles of 30 deceased, among them the names of princesses mentioned for the first time – Ta-Im-Wag-Is and Neferonebo…



Spain launches radar hunt for Quixote writer Cervantes

26/04/2014 (The Peninsula – Qatar): MADRID: Scientists will start scanning from Monday with a radar the floor of a Madrid convent where they hope to find the body of Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes (pictured), author of “Don Quixote”. They said yesterday they were ready to begin searching in the Convent of Trinitarians to identify the writer, who died in poverty despite creating one of the landmarks of Western literature. Cervantes is recorded as having died on April 22, 1616 and been buried a day later in the church of the red-brick convent, but the precise spot is now unknown. “We have marked out an area to search. It seems logical that if he was indeed buried there, it was below the floor of the church,” said Francisco Etxeberria, a forensic anthropologist. “The radar cannot tell you whether it is the body of the writer, but it can indicate the place of burial,” said the expert leading the first phase of the search, Luis Avial…



UAE Keen to Invest in Iran’s Isfahan Tourism Sector

26/04/2014 (Fars News – IrUAE Keen to Invest in Iran's Isfahan Tourism Sectoran): TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior officials from Iran’s Central Province of Isfahan and a high-ranking economic delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emphasized the need for the promotion of economic relations, particularly in the tourism sector. Speaking at a meeting with Isfahan’s Governor-General Rasoul Zargarpour,  Head of the Emirati delegation Sheikh Sorour bin Mohammad Al-Nahyan expressed pleasure in the visit to Isfahan and said that he was impressed by the city’s unique beautiful sites. He further noted that the Emirati investors and merchants accompanying him during the visit are involved in hotel construction and tourism across the world. They are interested to undertake projects in their specialized fields in Isfahan. Zargarpour, for his part, Referred to the visit of 55 foreign delegations to Isfahan last month, and said that the issue indicates the incumbent governments policies are in line with promoting cooperation with foreign states, neighboring countries in particular…

Gitex Shopper last day: Dh19 phones, free TV… Click here for crazy offers

26/04/2014 (Emirates 24/7 – UAE):  The four-day long Gitex Shopper bumper bonanza will come to a close today, amidst a last minute retail rush of final day discounts and bundle offers to entice the straggler to grab the deals while they last. Emirates 24|7 does the rounds to bring you some of the crazy offers that you may not want to miss. A TV with that please… Jacky’s Electronics COO, Ashish Panjabi unveiled new deals across the smartphones, DSLR cameras and the notebooks segment. “We have worked real hard with the suppliers to provide these additional deals for our customers, which includes a discounted 32-inch LED upon the purchase of select smartphones such as the Q10, the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the iPhone 5C,” he said. Similar deals on the DSLRs gives buyers the chance to get a 32-inch Eurostar LED TV for just Dh299…